Hello 2014!

Lets talk about how fast this year went! 

It feels like just yesterday that I was visiting home, its hard to believe it was 10months ago!

I spent last night with my friends partying the night away in Daegu, lets just say the nice was HOT MESS - in a great way lool.

As my time in Korea draws to an end I have been thinking of my highlights from the years (nearly 2 years) and the highlights from 2014 in general and it has to be all the travelling I have done. Also learning Korean has been a great achievement for me- I can read , write and speak Korean CRAZY!!!!

I have only two months left in Korea and then back to the UK. Wow!

Happy New Year Everyone! 

Lolli x

1 comment:

  1. Love your choice of outfit! Very classy. So jealous, I've always wanted to visit Korea and I'm a huge fan of the fashion there. Enjoy your last 2 months!


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