Christmas Wish List

Christmas is always a great excuse to spend! Not that I need one.

1. Zara Fresia Perfume It's  my favourite! I am not one to spend loads on expensive frangrances. I have just ran out of my 50ml bottle of this. So I am definately replacing it when I get back to the UK.

2. ASOS Travel Holder So cute!

3. Designsix Bracelet Need to up my arm candy game!

4. ASOS Blue Suit I already bought this..omg its so amazing just need to alter the trouser length and it's good to go.

5. Kenzo Jumper 

6. Moschino Belt  I have always wanted this, maybe I will finally part with some cash I get it.

7. FiloFax Need to get more organised in 2014.

8. Biker Jacket Its time for an update leather biker! Wanted the Zara on but it wasn't stocked in my Zara branch in Korea but this Mango one is actually a lot better and less common...so SCORE!

9. Whistles Stina Stripe Dress In love with Whistles at the mo. Every year I like to revive and rethink my wardrobe and 2014 is the year of quality!

10. Leather Trousers I have the ASOS version. 

11. ASOS Floral Slip-ons I am in love with these and they are so affordable.

12. ASOS Beige Heels  I have been searching for the perfect heels that will go with 90% of my outfits and I think these are them. Ordered and waiting for me in London :)

13. New Balance 420 Trainers

14. Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush - nice alternative to the pricey Clarasonic.

Lolli x


  1. Love so many pieces on your wishlist - the leather trousers <3

  2. Those slip ons are calling my name, so is that biker jacket!


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