[Lolli ♥ ASOS] The Split


Asos continue to dominate my wardrobe!! 

This has too be one of my best finds on ASOS of all time. I love the  split detail and the material, it's a kind of neoprene material. The great thing about not 'trendy' items in store and online is that they don't sell out at the blink of an eye and normally they go on sale (GREAT thing for us, not so great for the company).

This skirt was originally £28 which is still very affordable and great value for what it is, but I (virtually) snatched this skirt in their sale for more than 50% off.

It's also available in grey, actually I got the grey one first and loved it so much that I NEEDED the black one too.

ps / This was meant to be a outfit post but the pictures came out to rubbish! Going to try again now that I have a remote for my camera....2 years later! 

Lolli x


  1. LOVE this!
    the skirt, the socks/heels and the bag yasss!


  2. This slit skirt is so perfect! Such a great wardrobe staple! xxx

  3. Very cute skirt, would have loved a link.


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