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So as if ASOS don't do enough for my wardrobe and life, they have now launched a new thing called #AccessAllASOS!


It is basically a means where by #ASOS fans can gain early access to what goes on behind the scene at ASOS, preview collections, access to special events and benefit through discounts! 
I already feel like I am an ASOS inside but imagine actually being one ( outside my head)! lol.
I am reaching the end of my time in Korea and heading back home to the UK, so this is just amazing!

#AccessAllASOS is an exciting new destination for our most loyal fans, where you’ll get unprecedented access to all things ASOS. 

I have already applied to join #AccessAllAsos but now I am having application remorse....It was so hard to cut down what I wanted to say about ASOS and my passion for the company in so little characters!!

The deadline is 14th October, but all is not over if you don't get through this time! There will be another chance to become an ASOS insider.

And why not end the post with my recent ASOS purchases. 90% of them came yesterday and today! Woooop!

How many times was 'ASOS' typed in this post....?

Lolli x

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  1. I've signed up. *Fingers crossed* Good luck!


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